Web app: coming soon.
DenkiBoard for Linux
DenkiBoard for Mac
DenkiBoard for Windows
DenkiBoard for Android
Source code for web, Linux, macOS, and Windows
Source code for iOS
Source code for Android

・ 【Linux】 We will prepare DEB and RPM repos after stable release, same holds true for AUR submission.
・ 【macOS and iOS】 Same holds true for the App Store.
・ 【Android】 As well as Play Store.
・ 【General】 All standalone apps above are automatically consistent with your chosen communities, so no updates needed after a community update.
・ 【Web】 Speaking of which, we are developing an easy to use (auto) updater for DenkiBoard and 076 Server too, taking away your worries for these too.

076 Server:
Web app: coming soon.
Source code for web